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Tour Chile

tour Chile


Chile is a slender country that sits on the edge of South America, stretching 4,300 km (over half the continent).  Chile is a diverse landscape: home of the driest desert in the world, giant glacial blocks, many islands off the coast, geysers, and volcanoes.  Tour Chile and you’ll have a multitude of options for adventure, relaxation, and site-seeing.

Easter Island and the Isla Robinson Crusoe are no-brainer destinations for travelers.  In addition, there are treks across volcanoes, expansive sandy beaches, and lush forests to explore.

Tourists love Chile because of its homely nature – the people are warm, welcoming, and treat guests at restaurants and shops like family.

Tour Valparaíso

Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso is a hidden gem in Chile.  The city was named an Unesco World Heritage site back in 2003.  Valparaiso is not for every traveler though, as it doesn’t have adventurous treks or iconic monuments.  Instead, the beauty of the city comes in its varied landscape and busy downtown.

Travelers have many options for things to do in Valparaiso: stay at a hostel in Cerro Concepcion, see a beautiful view on Cerra Bellavista, admire the paintings in the Museo de Cielo Abierto, or relax on the beach town of Vina Del Mar.

Like many cities in South America, there is a lot of poverty in the town of Valparaiso.  Be careful as petty crime can be a problem for distracted tourists.

Tour Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island, Chile

Easter island is one of the most isolated places on earth, leaving tourists spellbound from it’s beauty and mystery.  Easter Island boasts an amazing collection of archeological sites, including the monumental statues of moai.  The purpose of the statues are still a mystery, which adds to the intrigue and the draw for thousands upon thousands of tourists each month.

But the island has beauty beyond that of the moai.  Travelers seeking adventure will find that Easter Island is home to amazing scuba diving, tremendous surf, and hiking treks that will give even the most in-shape travelers something to feel very accomplished about.  Tourists also have the opportunity to see the landscape via horseback.

Travelers that seek relaxation can take in the sun on the sandy beaches of Easter Island.  The majority of tourists come here for the moai, and are astounded with the myriad of great experiences that can be taken on such a small island.

Tour Santiago

Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

The city of Santiago is beautifully surrounded by the snowcapped Andean peaks and a wonderful coastal range.  However, the Chilean capital is plagued by smog, pollution, and noise, making the beautiful landscape a rare site to see.

But it’s to be expected with any metropolitan city in South America.  What really counts for travelers are the opportunities to have an adventure, a fun night life, and a unique cultural experience, which Santiago provides in treasure troves.  Travelers that love gourmet food can feast on the world-class cuisine in Providencia and Bellavista.  Art buffs can explore the many fine museums throughout the city and explore the bohemian charm of Barrio Brasil.

Expats enjoy the coffee-culture that is blossoming in Santiago.  It’s fun to go to a local cafe, open your laptop, and meet other travelers from around the world.

Travelers that seek adventure have the opportunity to trek, climb, ski, and even kayak through the mountains nearby Santiago.

Tour San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

San Pedro de Atacama is a tiny oasis village that has transformed into a very popular tourist destination.  The scenery is the major attraction here, featuring the largest salt lake in the country that is alive with pink flamingos.  Surrounding the lake are volcanoes, steaming geisers, and terrific rock formations to explore.

Because of it’s small size and the hoards of toursits that arrive each year, San Pedro de Atacama suffers from high costs, crowded streets, and the occasional pick-pocket.  But don’t let these drawbacks hold you back, as the town has a warm, welcoming style that is perfect for adventure or relaxation.

Tour Pucon

Pucon, Chile

Pucon, Chile

The town of Pucon is a natural wonder, smack in the middle between a beautiful blue lake and an iconic volcano.  The volcano itself gives the town an eerie, exciting feel, as the volcano spends the day billowing out puffs of smoke, while at night it can occasionally give off a red glow.  The town of Pucon is absolutely perfect for adventure-seeking tourists.

Pucon is know for it’s excellent tourist infrastructure: the accommodations are clean and high quality, tourism agencies are nice and efficient, the restaurants are clean and welcoming, and the excursions are fun and plentiful.  There is even a casino for the travelers that enjoy the excitement of gambling.

If you come during the winter, be prepared to spend your time skiing and snowboarding.  The summer months of January and February are the most popular tourists times.