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Tour Thailand

tour thailand


Thailand is all about beautiful beaches, coral gardens, and a wild night-life full of beach parties, never-sleep bars, and party-hard locals looking for care-free fun.  Thailand boasts two coastlines where a traveler can enjoy the non-stop party life or hideaway in the remote, quiet parts of the island and escape the noise and troubles of the world.  Tour Thailand and you’ll have a plethora of activities available to you: kiteboarding in Hua Hin, rock-climbing in Krabi, diving with sharks in Ko Tao, or even relaxing on the beaches of Bang Saphan Yai.

People of Thailand have a strong, committed Buddhist core.  Brilliant temples and Buddha statues are spread across the majority of Thailand, from the small rural areas to the metropolitan cities.  Travelers that are interested in learning about the religious practices can join in meditation retreats in Chiang Mai or head to lively religious festivals in the northwestern part of Thailand.  Travelers also have the option of experiencing the quiet, serene cave-temples of Kanchanaburi and Phetchaburi or the hilltop temples of northern Thailand.

Thai food is known around the world for being delicious, refreshing, and spicy.  Travelers that enjoy Thai food will be surprised to find that Thai food is even more delicious when served and prepared in its native country!  It’s all about the fundamental four flavors of Thai food: spicy, sweet, salty, and sour.  Plus, Thai restaurants are abundant across many of the popular tourist locations and offer a varied menu, from seafood pavilions in Phuket to noodle shacks in Bangkok.

Tour Ko Tao

Scuba diving in Ko Tao, Thailand

Scuba diving in Ko Tao, Thailand

Ko Tao is all about scuba diving.  The coral, crystal clear waters are ripe for novice scuba divers to learn how to dive and experience the colorful underwater.  Not only is it a great training ground for beginning scuba divers, but it’s also one of the world’s cheapest locations to get an open-water dive certification.  Travelers from all over the world go to Thailand to get their certification.

While Ko Tao is terrific for novice divers, experienced divers should explore the famous waters of the Similan Islands or the fishy waters off Ko Phi Phi.

But Ko Tao is not just for the diving enthusiasts; it’s also a place for travelers to escape the noisy chaos of the world.  The island is small, only 21 sq km, and is a haven away from the noisy and lively lands of Ko Samui and Ko Pha-Ngan.  Ko Tao is perfect for a couples romantic retreat, allowing travelers to enjoy mountain biking adventures during the day and romantic, candle-lit drinks by the edge of the sea.

Tour Bangkok

Street performers in Bangkok

Street performers in Bangkok

Bangkok is an insatiable city that feasts on party goers, city dwellers, and tourists that love the night-life lifestyle.  Similar to the what-happens-in-vegas-stays-in-vegas mentality, Bangkok removes a travelers inhibitions and engulfs them in a world built for sinful fun.

Bangkok offers tourists a varied experience.  A traveler looking to backpack the country on a budget can find cheap hostels in Bangkok and cheap but delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurants.  A traveler looking to have a lavish vacation can stay at 4-star hotels and get treated to a multitude of luxurious amenities.

At its core, Bangkok is about enjoying the now; whether its eating at a street market while watching a street performer or visiting the religious temples to explore the culture of the city, Bangkok has it all.

Tour Chiang Mai

Elephant riding in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Elephant riding in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is located more than 700km northwest of Bangkok.  Throughout the city there are more than 300 temples, giving the city a very religious and traditional feel.  Though locals think of Chiang Mai as an old-world city, Chiang Mai has undergone a modern transformation, meshing the old with the new.

Across the city, travelers will find handicraft shops, delicious family-owned restaurants, and tiny areas to relax and drink tea.  In addition, shopping malls, lavish bars and restaurants, and boutique hotels are setting foot in this once traditional town.  Though it may not be as lively as Bangkok, travelers get to experience a diverse mix of fun and tranquility in this beautiful city.

Tour Hua Hin

Beach in Hua Hin, Thailand

Beach in Hua Hin, Thailand

Expats from around the globe choose to live in the seaside town of Hua Hin because of its beautiful landscapes and diverse atmosphere.  All of the major hotels have properties in Hua Hin; in addition, high-rise condominiums and European restaurants create a unique atmosphere that makes tourists feel like they’ve escaped home, but also have the comfort of a metropolitan, modern city.

The Hua Hin beach side is a favorite amongst families and older travelers.  Unlike Bangkok, the city is not about the party-till-you-die lifestyle; instead, expect to play a nice round of golf or go horseback riding across the beach.  Of course like any other city in Thailand, the restaurants are abundant and delicious.

Hua Hin boasts 5km of beaches that are safe and easy to enjoy.  Grab a cold beer, good friends, and kickback at the beach to fully enjoy what Hua Hin is all about.

Tour Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park

Giant flower in Khao Sok National Park

The beach and party lifestyle of Thailand can get overwhelming.  When it’s time to get a breath of fresh air, head over to Khao Sok National Park to experience thick rain forests and rugged mountains.  The park is 646 sq km and boasts terrific waterfalls and hiking trails that give a spectacular view of the location.  Though the park offers travelers an escape from the busy cities, travelers are by no means by themselves.  There is an abundant wildlife at the park: leopards, elephants, tigers, bears, and over 180 species of birds thrive in the park.

In addition to animal-spotting, the park contains a plethora of rare plants.  A highlight of the park is the Rafflesia kerrii Meijer (wild lotus), one of the largest and rarest flowers in the world.  The flower can reach up to 80cm in diameter and has no roots or leaves of its own; instead, it is a parasite that lives off of a jungle vine found in the park.  The peak time to see the majestic flower is from October to December, when the buds burst from the jungle vine and the flower is beautifully exposed.