Top 10 Best Drip Coffee Makers of 2018 Reviews

Reading about the best drip coffee maker reviews is crucial if you want to make a worthy purchase. If you always start your day with a good cup of hot beverage that will awake you from the long slumber, you should consider having one at home.

Not only the machine can help you save money, it allows you to have your favorite coffee the way you like it. There are different kinds of coffee maker with different kinds of mechanism. If you want to have a worthy spending, consider buying a drip coffee machine to preserve the taste and the texture.


Best Drip Coffee Makers 2017

1. Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer, Stainless Steel

This coffee machine comes with a simple design as well as simple operation. The manufacturer believes that the formula to make a good coffee is about the balance between the fresh coffee and filtered water so they come up with a design that supports everything.

It comes with the right temperature setting, not too hot and not too cold, so the flavor of the coffee will remain strong and intact. There is also an optional pre-infusion mode that will wet the roasted ground coffee so it can de-gas before you can brew it. Not to mention that the best drip coffee maker comes with big showerhead and flat filter basket on the bottom to deliver uniform extraction and better saturation.


  • The maker is able to deliver continuous and stable result
  • The carafe is able to keep the coffee hot for 3 hours
  • The bloom feature to allow wetting before brewing is super handy, delivering rich texture and taste
  • The water temperature is consistent throughout the process


  • It is only able to accommodate 8 cups in small size, 5 oz, which can be a problem if you prefer bigger cup size
  • The carafe should be turned upside down to pour the last drop

2. OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker

It is another best drip coffee machine with a simple operation and fuss-free design. The brew cycle microprocessor controlled, imitating the pour over method that will deliver perfect taste within every single cup.

The machine is able to heat the water and then keep it at the most desired temperature. And thanks to the shower head, the water is dispersed evenly on the fresh ground so flavor extraction and uniform saturation can be expected. It also comes with starting timer and one-press of a button operation. Most people like the simple control as well as the construction of the machine. Despite some of the plastic parts, they are thicker and more durable than other cheap products


  • The design is simple and modern with a compact design
  • The brewing process is exactly what described in the manual with the perfect temperature and thorough process
  • Watching the coffee being processed can be fun, and it gives idea of what happening inside the maker.
  • The machine is quiet


  • The carafe has the tricky and confusing lid. You can still pour the coffee, but it is going to be slow
  • Some of the parts can be useless so it would be better if you watch what’s happening and decide which one you want to remove or whether it is going to affect the flavor

3. BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer

How’s the sound of being able to make 10 cups of coffee, from 20 oz to 50 oz, within 3 minutes only? Sounds like a bargain, right? Well, this best drip coffee maker is able to make at least 4 cups and maximum 10 cups in 3 minutes straight, without compromising the quality and the taste.

The design may be simple but there is an intricate technology inside the maker that will ensure the premium quality of the hot beverage you want. The hot water tank has the internal part from stainless steel to heat up the water, not to mention that the double wall carafe will make sure that your coffee stays hot while improving durability for the part.


  • It has all the right features, such as powerful heater, internal thermostat, and stainless steel tank
  • The fast brewing time is one of the features to like about this machine
  • The spray head design is unique to ensure complete and even coffee extraction for maximum flavor


  • The continuous heating element uses a lot of electricity which can affect your monthly bills
  • It has no lines for water measurement so you should be extra careful if you don’t want to experience overflow

4. Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe

This is the other option for the best drip coffee maker with both manual and automatic setting, allowing you to have better and more flexible operation. The coffee maker has unique boiling element from copper that will ensure temperature setting so the coffee extraction can run perfectly.

It is also fast and simple, able to brew within 6 minutes for a full carafe. If you are into an environmentally friendly product, this one is perfect because all of the parts, including the packaging material, are made from recyclable materials.


  • The machine is quiet and sturdy
  • It is able to make good coffee without wasting a lot of time
  • The construction is sturdy and reliable with solid platform


  • Most of the parts are plastic, instead of metal
  • The rim is flimsy with the result of dribbling water

5. Cuisinart DCC-2650 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

If you like making coffee for many cups of coffee, this is the best drip coffee maker that you can get. The carafe is able to accommodate 12 cups with knuckle guard, ergonomic handle, and dripless spout. It comes packed with automatic features, such as self-clean, 24 hours programmable option, and adjustable automatic turn of system.

The carafe comes with different temperature controls of low, medium, and high, allowing you to enjoy the coffee the way you like it. It has charcoal water filter to remove impurities that will ensure the flavor and aroma.


  • The machine has different temperature adjustment, including brewing options that include Bold and Reg
  • The automatic features make everything easier and simpler
  • The carafe has a good thermal protection with sturdy design


  • The machine takes a lot of water that evaporates during the process
  • It is a pretty noisy machine, although the noise is still tolerable

6. Hamilton Beach 49980Z 2-Way Brewer, 12-Cup

One of the standout features of this drip coffee machine is the two way brewing system, allowing you to have a full pot or a single serve. If you are on the go, simply choose the single serve and you will have a cup in no time! Do you like your coffee strong or mild?

Have the adjustment your way, completely with full programs and automatic turn off system. For those with busy mornings, preparing the coffee the night before and then making use of the automatic timer is easier than before – with no fuss implementation


  • The operation is easy, even for first timers
  • The coffee in the carafe will stay hot for two hours, with the acceptable temperature for tasty beverage
  • The quality of coffee is strong and nice, just like the ones you buy from popular vendors


  • The plate on the bottom stain pretty easily and rather quickly
  • Somehow, it doesn’t work quite well with the gold permanent filter

7. Hamilton Beach Programmable Brewstation Summit Dispensing Coffee Machine

This single dispensing system caters to a single cup, which makes it efficient and flexible. The brewing system is enclosed with internal heating system to keep the coffee fresh and hot up to 4 hours.

It remains hot without compromising the fresh brewing flavor. It doesn’t come with a carafe because it is able to hold the coffee in the internal tank. You only need to press the bar if you want to dispense it.


  • The machine is able to maintain the temperature without causing the flavor to scorch
  • You don’t deal with messy pour because it doesn’t have the carafe
  • It comes with handy features, including automatic system and customized operation


  • Some users are only able to make several brewing before it becomes damaged
  • The customer service isn’t responsive; the service is quite poor

8. BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

As one the best automatic drip coffee maker, this machine is able to accommodate a large amount of coffee. Not to mention that the carafe is vacuum sealed and double walled. It also comes with custom brewing options, such as the capacity of the brew or the brew strength.

Whether you like it strong or mild, you will have your favorite beverage every time you want it. With the evenstream showerhead, you make sure that the water is distributed evenly for maximum flavor extraction. The carafe itself has a nice spout design to prevent drips and spills. The carafe opening is wide so cleaning it easily and fast is possible.


  • The design and construction is solid and strong
  • Temperature is just right for a perfect flavor in end
  • It has a nice energy setting to preserve the usage


  • Time display doesn’t light up
  • The measuring cup doesn’t have the right and exact measurement

9. Hamilton Beach 46205 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

This is a machine that lets you prepare everything the night before so you can start your day with a fresh hot beverage before the morning rush starts. Thanks to the rotating base, you can always access the water reservoir (which is located on the back) easily.

Just twist it and you can have a go. If you like having your own preference in making your favorite Joe, choose between the regular and bold – you will definitely have an enjoyable morning. The overall system allows easy and mess-free implementation to operate the machine without hassle.


  • The brewing basket is easily released with a simple press of a button
  • The adjustable warming plate gives you three different options for the temperature and taste


  • It can’t be placed under the cabinet because the steam will make the underside wet
  • You need to firmly press the water reservoir so it can brew properly and fast

10. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe Option

This is one machine that has an impressive advanced sensor, functional to detect the thermal carafe. The handy features will make your coffee making process fun and fast, thanks to the stainless steel construction, easily removed filter basket, specialized cleaning cycle, and brewing pause system.

The best drip coffee machine will keep your coffee hot for 2 hours before it turns off itself automatically. Not to mention that it has its own cleaning cycle, helping you out with the cleaning and caring so you won’t have to spend a long time for the cleanup.


  • Sleek and stylish modern design, perfect for modern and contemporary kitchen theme
  • It comes with auto pause and adjustable brewing time for easier use
  • The quality of coffee is premium and superb


  • The filter simply stops working after several weeks of use
  • Some users experience breaking after several months of usage and yet they can’t return it because of the one month warranty

11. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker DRX5

If you have limited space at home, this best drip coffee maker will be the most ideal option. It is compact and small and yet it is able to make four cups, which are the ideal numbers to start a day. Well, unless you are sharing a house with other people, those numbers should be enough to meet your personal needs, right?

Besides the compact size, the machine also comes with indicator light for the on and off system, so there’s no way that you can be wrong about it. It has dual water window, helping you see the remaining water before filling it out.


  • The sleek and compact size is handy for all kinds of kitchen size and design
  • The machine has removable parts to make easy cleaning and also filling
  • It has simple operational system for greater use and make


  • For some people, the maker is too small
  • It may be inexpensive but it lacks some of the other handy features

Editor Choice for Best Drip Coffee Maker

Those are the best drip coffee makers that can be implemented and included in your daily morning routines. Choose one among the handiest and most functional automatic drip coffee maker that suits your needs. They are handy and they definitely help you save money.