Best Sofas Under 300 with Elegant Design

Two main furnishings in living room are sofas and table. Sofa is furniture with the same function as chair or bench. However, sofa is different from chair and bench because it has full covered linen or fabric to keep frame out of eyesight. You do not see four stands at each corner of sofas because this furniture is completely low ground clearance from floor. There are some options for the best sofas under 300 as options to decorate living room and keep budget in check.

Before going to store and purchase sofa, several matters should be considered. You have two aspects when picking sofa, which are practical and aesthetic. Practical means sofa only for sitting and no consideration about room style adjustment. This matter happened in past time when sofa was still difficult to find. People only use chairs with modified frame. Sofa was categorized as luxury and having such furniture would increase social status. Such matter no longer works in today era. People consider sofa as essential furniture to put on living room regarding room decoration. For aesthetic aspect, sofas have several designs to fit certain decoration. If you cannot find specific sofa for such purpose, buying common design is preferable. Such design is more flexible to put in any living room. The next section will provide list of sofa to fit your inquiry.

Best Sofas Under 300 for Your Recommendation

1. Serta RTA Palisades in Riverfront Brown

This is recommended option when you need sofas for small living room. Simple and easy to assembly are properties of Serta product. Sofa consists of hardwood frame, back straps, foam, and throw pillow. Manufacturer puts this product in single book which backrest is folded to fit such box. However, you do not have to worry because purchasing package is available alongside tools to support assembly process. You just follow manual book to put sofa into normal form. Brown color comes from premium fabric to cover entire part of sofa, including frame. This is suitable for any room style, such as contemporary, minimalist, and retro. This fabric makes sure to keep sofa in high durability level, even after long period of usage.

2. Home Life Canvas Linen Cloth

You need sofa with adjustable part on left or right. For such reason, this product is good option on market. This sofa has elegant design with canvas as primary cover. Main sofa has three sections to occupy three to four people, but additional section gives extended section of left or right. Length is 77-inch and 53-inch for width. Manufacturer gives manual guideline to assembly after purchasing. Sofa is available bright grey accent and suitable for minimalist and modern living room. You may get two sofas with similar design to fulfill big living room. High quality cover enhances capability and durability to preserve sofas from any harm. Of course, such matter is important regarding sofa is main furniture in living room to provide comfortable property.

3. Modern Contemporary Home Life Linen Cloth

What is sectional sofa? This question seems familiar when visit store and see unusual design for sofa. For your reference, sofa with extended part at one side is called sectional mode. This is like adding more places to sit, but integrate into sofa. One of the best sofas under 300 is product from Home Life. This is suitable for modern and contemporary living room where simple and functional is top priority. Moreover, sofa has high-grade material to enhance durability, especially when you want to host party and many people sit in this furniture.  Assembly process is easy and tools are available alongside main package. You may add throw pillow as additional decoration.

4. Divano Roma Furniture

The next sofa comes from Divano Roma Furniture for only two persons at time. This is also called loveseat for such reason. Frame is sturdy with length 73-inch and width 32-inch. What are properties of this product? Firstly, it uses soft fabric to cover every part, which makes more comfortable for sitting in long period. Besides that, you can move this sofa easily through staircase. Lightweight is something that hardly find in sofa, but you will get that matter from Divano Roma Furniture.

Purchasing package includes tools to assembly and you do not have to buy any tool. This product comes in box, which need to assembly before ready to use. Customer will get instruction and easy to follow.  Therefore, enjoy loveseat with person you love the most.

5. Serta RTA Palisades Loveseat

Serta RTA Palisades Loveseat is alternative to fulfill small area in living room to enjoy sitting for two persons. Material is high quality fabric to enhance durability when use at long time. Other properties are memory foam, hardwood frame, and soft cushion. From outside, you may do not see special thing from this sofa. However, you need to take time to see and feel comfortable cushion with arm and back rest. Square armrest makes sure to keep arm at comfortable position. Sofa is only for two persons so not very length which less cost to put on living room. You can add two similar sofas to provide more sitting space.

6. Acme Hamar Adjustable Sofa

As stated above, sofa may not give more appearance for its pillar at corner to keep distinction from chair. This is not definite rule for sofa because design is vary to fulfill customer demand. For flexible sofa, you should pick Acme Hamar Adjustable Sofa. What is benefit of this product? It has lower ground clearer and brings casual style for living room. Mainframe is wood, but this sofa uses visible legs from stainless steel.

7. Serta RTA Copenhagen Loveseat in Rye Brown

Brown is popular color for furniture, including sofa. You see cabinet from wooden material which commonly in brown. For sofa, brown accent comes from delicate fabric to make comfortable sitting area. Serta RTA Copenhagen Loveseat is furniture to fulfill certain space in rom. For your information, this kind of sofa is more flexible to put in casual situation. For example, you have consultation office and love seat sofa is suitable to give special treatment for client. The other good news is affordable price. This sofa is suitable to keep the cost in control. Manufacturer provides tool to assembly so you do not have to bother with such matter anymore.

8. Modway Prospect 2-Seater Loveseat

One of suitable sofa for old and classic decoration is Modway Prospect 2-Seater Loveseat. Of course, it is still eligible to fill your contemporary and modern preference. This sofa has high armrest that integrates into backrest. You may not see separated equation between one to another. As loveseat, this sofa is only for two persons and close armrest increases intimacy. It is like sitting in one place with your beloved partner. Sofa is flexible to move from one spot to another. Material is soft foam and easy to clean from dirt. Legs are wooden to hold sofa from force above. Color is available in white to increase aesthetic aspect. Therefore, this is you top choice to fill aesthetic and practical aspects at same time.

9. Homelegance Charley Love Seat

Homelegance gives ultimate design to create elegant sofa, especially love seat. People use love seat for several purposes. It is furniture as companion for main sofa. Another function is or private room. You may put Homelegance Charley Love Seat in room such as consultation room or bedroom. It uses faux leather to protect soft foam to increase comfortable condition and high durability.

Main colors are golden and chocolate brown. Golden brown is brighter than usual brown and the second one is darker tone. You may use first color to fill contemporary or modern style. On the other side, the second color is suitable for country, old, and classic style.  Customer needs to assembly this sofa before ready to use. Guideline is available alongside purchasing package and you just need simple tool to put back in single piece.

10. GPD Heavy-Weight Luxury

Low price does not mean low quality. That’s what you can see from GPD Heavy-Weight Luxury. Manufacturer combines elegant, luxury, and practical mode in single sofa. Adjustable back area makes sure to sit conveniently. Material is high quality and easy to clean. Sofa has ready in several variants. Basic model is still similar, but you choose loveseat, regular sofa, extra mode, or recliner. Manufacturer tries to fulfill what customer wants the most. Loveseat is shorter version of regular sofa with eligible for two persons. For extra mode, you will get length 84-inch and regular is only 72-inch. Therefore, this sofa is good option for functional, practical, and affordable cost.

If you have minimalist room style and want to pick suitable sofa, ten sofa options at above section are ready to fill such purpose. Instead of having complete set of living room, buying sofa in separated mode is cheaper. Moreover, you can choose sofa from various styles as long as they are adjustable with room decoration. Besides, small sofa is more flexible to fulfill space and easy to move to another spot. The budget can be kept on balance while you get suitable sofa. For the best sofas under 300, the price does not determine the quality. Moreover, cheaper item is not bad product at all. Therefore, you will know after sitting in those sofas at home.