Ping Pong Table Dimensions In Feet And Inches

Do you like playing ping pong? Also known as the table tennis, this kind of sport shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sure, it may look easy to play but once you try it, it may not be as easy as you think. It takes good control and coordination of the hand, the eyes, and the overall body management to excel in this activity. While at it, have you ever wondered about the ping pong table dimensions? Have you ever wondered whether this table has a certain size and measurement, which may be different from the international game play and the recreational one? Let’s explore further to this fact.

Ping Pong Table Dimensions, Understanding the Table

There is a certain requirement and standard regulation about the type of table you can use for playing this game. Such a standard is designed not only to improve your comfort while playing the game but also your safety. Can you imagine playing the game with any surface that you want (the one that is unsafe), which may steer the ball in erratic directions? Can you imagine using a small and narrow table that may cause danger and harm than fun? Just because ping pong seems like an easy game to play, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect the standard regulation.

The table should be made from solid wood but with somewhat elastic upper top surface. The elastic surface is meant to create a bouncy effect for the ball. The total ping pong table dimensions (the full type one) is 1.525 meters in width with 2.74 meters in length, and 76 centimeters in height (measured from the ground). According to the International Table Tennis Federation, the table should be painted dark – you can use dark blue or dark green paint. You can also choose the cellulose paint or lacquer without any glossy effect, depending on your preference. At the both border end of the table, there should be white line with 2 centimeter width. Long line is the term applied for the long white line stretching along the length, while the shorter one is called end line stretching along the width. And then, there is another white line right in the middle of the table, cutting the table into two areas. This middle white line is called center line with 3 centimeter in width. This is the place where you will place the net.

Keep in mind that different countries have their own methods and ways in measuring the table. If you lay out the basic standard dimension of the ping pong table, there are different numbers for different dimension measurement. In mm (millimeter), the length will be 2740 mm with width of 1525 mm, height of 760 mm, and net height of 152.5 mm. In feet, the length is 9.0 feet with width of 5.0 feet, height of 2.5 feet, and net height of 0.5 feet. In inches, the length is 107.87 inches with width of 60.0 inches, height of 29.92 inches and net height of 6.0 inches. What if you happen to have the foldable ping pong table? Well, when it is folded into half, the dimension should be 22 inches in width, 60.25 inches in length, and 65.75 inches in height.

The Official Standards and Facts

The above standard measurement and dimensions are necessary in the competitive game. If you have one only used for the recreational play, you don’t really have to follow the rigid standard set before – the measurement and dimension are more flexible. However, mind you that your table can’t be used for any competitive purpose. Let’s say that you have a table at home and there’s a local competition in your area where the committee may not have enough table. They can’t borrow or use your table unless it goes along with the standard. If your table isn’t designed for competitive usage (which means that its dimension is freer and more loose), then it is only meant for recreation, not for any competitive or sporting type.

Another thing you need to address about this table dimensions is about the shape and other requirements. For instance, the table should be rectangular with level surface. Although it is mostly made from the solid wood, it actually can be made from any material, as long as it has the standard bouncy feature. When the ping pong ball is dropped to the surface of the table from 30 centimeter height, it should have 23 centimeter bounce height.

For the recreational table, it doesn’t have to strictly following the standard requirements. Known as the mini or midsize table, the measurement is often smaller than the official one. Whereas the official table measures around 60 inches by 108 inches, the recreational table can measure only 42 inches by 84 inches, or even smaller. That’s why you should really differentiate the official and recreational usage.

If you want to assembly the full size table, you need to remember that it will include net post, a hanging rope, and a net, which will be secured on the clamp. The net itself should be attached on the rope which will be tied on the end with 15.25 centimeter arrangement. There should be 15.25 centimeter distance from the outer edges to the outer net post edge. The net should also be 15.25 centimeter distant from the ping pong table surface. The both ends of the ping pong net should be touching as close as possible to the post while the bottom side of the net should be touching as close to the surface.

If you are playing the game for fun, there is no certain requirement for the table setup or arrangement. Feel free to place the table anywhere you like. However, if you are playing for competition, make sure that you have enough space – at least 1/7 of the tennis court. Make sure it has enough lights, where the lamp should be 5 meters above and the brightness should be 1000 lux.

Make sure that you have done your research carefully and thoroughly before choosing the right table. Pay attention to the right ping pong table dimensions especially if you are playing for competition. After all, a ping pong table is pretty costly and you definitely don’t want to spend your money for something useless.