The 15 Best Running Shoes for Women of 2018

When you come to this site, it means you are searching for this term “what is the best running shoe for women?” Well through this article, I make a buyer’s guide for you.

Running is usual exercise with simple gear to wear. You just need proper shoes to keep foot then start running around. There are many running shoes on store and each of them has different feature. In this article, you will find the top product as a part of running shoes reviews. Running is the key activity for many sports. For example, you need to run and jump while playing basketball. For tennis, running is crucial to reach the ball. When choosing running shoes, comfortable and functionality aspect is the top consideration.

You wear running shoes not just for doing regular running on track. Sometimes, the shoes are needed for playing sport with friends such as basketball, badminton, or tennis. This kind of match is not official event, but lack of quality and capability will damage the foot. That is why you should consider cushioning and shock absorption as primary features.

Women are potential customers for sport industry. They may not be in big event, but daily exercise is something that cannot be ignored. Shoes for women are different from men. The material is softer and more delicate to keep it comfortable. When discussing about women, design is the aspect to put at ultimate consideration. In past time, design for sport shoes was much practical. Nowadays, the shoes look more fashionable with various colors and patterns. You can see more about the top running shoes for men in the next sections.

Top Rated Running Shoes for Women of 2018

1. Under Armour Women’s Charged Bandit 2 Running Shoes

Comfortable is utmost priority when women choose running shoes to wear. That is why Charged Bandit 2 Running Shoes are much recommended to try. Under Armour is one of top brands in sport apparel industry. Running shoes are one of their products and this variant is specifically for women. The shoes use textile and synthetic material. Properties of the shoes are low shaft, lightweight, seamless internal heel, and firm heel counter. The shaft measure for the shoes is quite low from arch. This condition gives advantaged for foot to act responsively when running at high speed. It also has heathered upper with breathable, light, and stretched mode. Seamless internal fit is the ability to put shoes to fit foot contour. It is important factor to consider when buying running shoes. Foot contour should fit the shoes. Moreover, internal cushion is able to adjust properly. To support back heel, the shoes use external heel counter. You get firm and smooth form at inside and external measure from outside to keep the heel at good condition


  • There is heel counter internal and external.
  • It is lightweight.
  • You will satisfy with the attractive design.


  • The material is not quite strong for long run.

2. Adidas Performance Women’s Pure Boost X Training Shoe

One of cheap running shoes for women comes from Adidas lineup. It is Women’s Pure Boost X. Keep in mind that cheap shoes do not mean less quality. You still get top property and ability from Adidas, in spite of cheap price. Women will like the shoes at first sight because of attractive design. As you know, running shoes are more than practical tool to support sport activity. Today, women consider the design and color as essential to give more stylish way to run.

The design is not just what women like from the shoes. It uses textile and synthetic material to make it more lightweight. Soft and smooth cushion enhances the flexibility for foot to do any action. Other properties of Pure Boost X are sock-like arch, pivot-point rubber, and arch gap support. Sock-like arch is the spec of shoes to keep the heel properly. From those properties, women can wear the shoes for more than running outside. It is training shoe with capability to do some sports and exercises. For example, you can wear the shoes at gym or to play the basketball. Of course, those sport and activities are not the professional or serious match.


  • It offers attractive and eye-catching design.
  • It provides the comfortable cushion.
  • Lightweight


  • It’s not quite breathable

3. Adidas Performance Women’s Pureboost X

Running shoes for women should have certain things in order to make them comfortable for running. The shoes have lightweight and comfortable cushion. Moreover, it is durable for long period of running. Those matters are what Adidas consider to produce Performance Women’s Pureboost X. This is the top show for women to enjoy running outdoor or indoor. I like this shoe for long distance running. We consider put this one to best long distance running shoes women.

The design is very attractive with elegant contour. It has several colors as choice for customers, such as yellow, white, etc. You can choose based on personal preference. For specs, the shoes use synthetic material with high-grade level. The features of this product are sock-like fit and boost midsole. Sock-like fit is feature to keep foot at convenient position. You will feel as sock is attached on foot when put it inside this show. In addition, the boost midsole is feature to enhance lightweight mode. It boosts fast energy for high endurance activity. You will feel easy when changing pace from slow to fast mode during running. The shoes are also affordable because Adidas intends to make common running shoes without losing the quality.


  • It is made of lightweight material.
  • There is energy boost feature.
  • It comes with attractive design and many colors.


  • It is designed not for hard sport or activities.

4. Nike Women’s Air Max

You cannot ignore Nike as the top brand and manufacturer in sport industry. Nike produces many shoes for running, exercise, training, sport, and other purposes. One of the best running shoes for women is Nike Women’s Air Max.

The specs for the shoes are synthetic mesh, rubber sole, comfortable cushion, flexible midsole and deep forefoot grove. Cushioning is important for shoes to make the foot more comfortable when doing many activities. The shoes are specifically for running, so the cushioning is soft and delicate, but it keeps the firm state. Moreover, your foot does not feel the heavy impact because of absorption capacity. This is the key of top running shoes. Another property is flexible midsole. You can move any position from slow to faster pacing with this kind of midsole. Comfortable cushion is not enough for running, so flexible midsole keeps the foot to do everything at ease. That is what women get from Nike Women’s Air Max.


  • It has flexible midsole.
  • Completed with attractive design and comfortable cushion.


  • It’s less lightweight.

5. Asics Women’s Gel-venture 5

You can go to store then choosing any running shoes, but Gel-Venture 5 is one of top lists for quality product. You should consider this one then try comfortable feeling when running. One of benefits of the shoes is capability to support any terrain condition. Usually, running is only on track and less difficult terrain. However, you need this kind of shoes when doing more exciting running on hill or mountain track.

Gel-venture 5 variant has rubber sole, low shaft measure, rugged outsole, gel technology, removable sock liner, trail specific outsole, and outsole. Low shaft measure is useful to keep the foot at proper fit when it’s put inside cushion. You can lift foot easily without much burden. Gel technology is special feature on Asics shoes in order to absorb the shock. You will do much movement when running and this gel technology keeps foot at good condition regardless your movement. Moreover, you can transform from low to fast speed smoothly.

It is good running shoes for women by the way. You should consider it. The outsole is designed with abrasion rubber to enhance durability and longevity. All of them are what you get from the shoes.


  • It is made of the top material and high durability.
  • It has low shaft measure.
  • Completed with removable sock liner and Gel-technology.


  • The shoes are less lightweight.

6. Asics Women’s Gel-kayano 25

If you look for womens running shoes, Asics have the right choice to pick. The product is Gel-kayano 25 as running shoes, specifically for women. It has elegant and attractive design, so women can feel comfortable when doing outdoor activity. You can distinguish men and women shoes form their color and design.

What do you get from this product? It has rubber sole, synthetic and textile material, impact guidance system, fluidride midsole, fluidfit upper, and heel clutching technology. IGS or impact guide system is technology to support natural gait of foot. This is the key feature to put this top running shoes for women as a great choice. Comfortable impact after heavy shock will save the foot from damage. Two other technologies are fluidride midsole and fluidfit upper. The first one is for endurance and comfortable cushioning. Meanwhile, the second one is technology to adapt the foot contour. It makes comfortable fit for shoes to wear for women, particularly athlete. The shoes are very convenient when doing transformation pacing from slow to fast without initial condition. From those specs and features, you understand why Gel-kayano 25 is at the top list on market.


  • It brings technology to make the shoes comfortable.
  • It is made of high-grade material.
  • There is heel clutching technology.


  • It is not for easy and simple running.

7. Brooks Women’s Ghost 9 Running Shoes

Each of brands and manufacturers has distinct design for their products. That is what you see from Brooks on their running shoes. One of the top choices for running shoes is Brooks Women’s Ghost 9. It has one primary color alongside the secondary one at below sole. The shoes are also eligible to be sneaker for casual or daily basis activity. Well we put this shoe to be one of best running sneakers for women.

It has breathable mesh upper, plush collar and tongue, soft fabric lining, dynamic cushioning, soft rubber for fore foot, and omega flex grooves. As you know, Brooks have their own technology to enhance shoes’ capability. You can see from some specs to represent the quality of product. Omega flex groove is technology to enhance natural movement, so you can change the speed easily and effectively. It has universal platform mode, so the shoes will fit to any foot contour. Moreover, the foam is in removable mode. Therefore, it is easy to clean. Brooks also add breathable mode to control airflow inside the shoes. Those specs and features are what you need to enjoy running outdoor or just exercise indoor.


  • There is breathable cushion.
  • It provides soft fabric lining and removable sole.
  • It is made of top grade material.


  • The shoes are not for mountain terrain running.

8. Asics Women’s Gel-comulus 18 Running Shoe

Asics introduces Gel-comulus as one of women running shoes. You can see attractive design on outer lining with various colors. Manufacturer provides several colors as option for customers. Fancy design on this variant also gets side by side with its quality.

The shoes have IGS technology, fluidride midsole, gel cushioning, and guidance trusstic. IGS stands for Impact Guidance System. When you do running, shock is inevitable condition that needs to be controlled and reduced immediately. The main objective of this system is to keep feet from heel strike. As you can see, heel does much job when running and jumping. Asics have their own technology for running shoes called fluidride midsole. It gives high durability and comfortable level after doing excessive movement.  Guidance trusstic is technology to enhance stability. From those specs, the shoes are suitable to wear for running or any exercise, including mild sport on outdoor.


  • It brings the advanced technology.
  • There is comfortable cushioning.
  • It comes with simple yet elegant design


  • There is much technology for just daily basis running shoes.

9. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 17

Shoes for women are no longer in dull design. You can see many designs for running shoes with fancy name. One of them is Adrenaline GTS 17. Fancy name comes with elegant design and quality then turn into the right shoes to wear for any activity. Brooks is one of top brands on sport market especially for shoes industry.

It has flexible midsole, adjustable midsole, comfortable fabric lining, removable foam insole, and diagonal roll bar. The shoes use top material to make them more comfortable, especially in the cushioning section. You can enjoy running for long period without much issue on foot condition. That is what you can get from Adrenaline GTS 17. The name, design, and quality capture the utmost attention.


  • It comes with fancy design.
  • Buyers can enjoy the advanced feature and specs.
  • It provides comfortable cushioning.


  • It is not much lightweight.

10. Asics Women’s GT-2000 4 Running Shoe

Another product of running shoes for women is GT-2000 4.  This product has many features and technology to increase quality and comfortable level during running session. You get dynamic duomax, comfortable cushion, guidance trusstic system, fluid mid sole, textile and synthetic material, rubber sole, and gel cushioning system.

Gel technology is Asics iconic feature for their product. It is advanced spec to make cushion as comfortable as any condition. When you go running, cushioning takes almost everything to keep foot at good condition. Moreover, the shoes have system to control gait from heel to prevent high impact. You cannot find similar technology from other manufacturers. Breathable mesh upper will control airflow to keep foot as fresh as possible, in spite of excessive sweating. Combination between gel system and breathable mesh increases the capability of this product. This is the top choice for running shoes, especially for women.


  • It has comfortable cushioning.
  • It is completed with breathable mesh.
  • It is made of top-grade material.


  • It is not for harsh track or terrain.

11. Brooks Womens Launch 4

Brooks have special product for women. It is Womens Launch 4 as one of top running shoes on market. The shoes have comfortable cushioning alongside mesh upper. The features and specs of the shoes are lightweight cushioning, air mesh fabric, lace-up closure, soft fabric lining, padded collar and tongue, midfoot transition zone, and heel crash pad. Other techs are improved grooves, universal contour, and abrasion resistant.

Those specs are what you get from Launch 4. Universal contour is feature to suit foot form. Women may have delicate foot, but each of them has different form. Moreover, the shoes are also suitable for any terrain during running. Transition zone is feature to keep the foot at good level after transforming from slow to faster speed. There are no reason to deny capability and quality of this product.


  • There is comfortable cushion.
  • It has heel crash pad.
  • It applies more advanced tech for running shoes.


  • It is breathable, but quite difficult to keep it clean.

12. Asics Women’s Gel-kayano 22 Running Shoe

Sport industry is more appealing after women participate is many competitions. Manufacturers create and produce specific sport apparel for women. Besides for professional match or competition, they see potential to expand into ordinary exercise. This is where Asics decide to produce Gel-kayano 22. This is shoe for running with quality as similar to professional level, but eligible for just daily basis exercise or sport activity.

The design is sleek with attractive pattern on outer area. Several colors are available as option for customers to buy based on personal preference. Specs and features of the shoes are synthetic material, rubber sole, low shaft measure, overlay mesh, and gel cushioning. The shoes use lace-up mode on mesh to make more breathable when your foot has excess sweat. Moreover, gel cushioning is technology to keep the foot at proper level after doing harsh movement. Top material increases durability and longevity to wear for long period. The shoes are also capable for mild sport event such as basketball or tennis. You can enjoy exercise on gym with this shoe.


  • It comes with elegant design and more colors.
  • It has breathable level.


  • The shoes are not for running on difficult track.

13. Asics Women’s Gel-excite 4 Running Shoe

Men dominate sport industry for long time, but women also take part of it. Popular sport such as football and basketball are men territory, but women are the biggest customers for sport apparel. As you know, sport industry is more just event or competition. You do running every day and it is a part of sport matter. That is why Asics introduces Women’s Gel-excite 4 as running shoes for women.

It uses textile and synthetic material to keep it lightweight at low as possible. Other specs are rubber sole, low shaft measure, gel cushioning system, and removable sock liner. The last feature is important to keep shoes as clean as possible after running. You need to keep shoes at hygiene and removable sock liner is practical way to do such thing. Asics have technology called AHAR outsole. It is abrasion rubber to increase stability and durability. Manufacturer integrates this feature in critical area of shoes. Those specs are reasons to choose Gel-excite 4 to enjoy running and more exercise daily.


  • It has low shaft measure.
  • There is removable sock liner.
  • It is designed with high grade material.


  • The design may look too fancy.
  • It is not used for harsh terrain.

14. Under Armour Women’s Micro G Assert 6

Under Armour produces some running shoes and one of them is Micro G Assert 6, specifically designed for women. It has simple design with black color at the top area and white for lining. This is what you need to wear when running without fancy style, but keep elegant and fashionable. Quality is also one thing to consider when choosing running shoes.

It is available in several materials such as leather, textile, and synthetic. Manufacturer makes sure everyone gets what they want with similar quality regardless material for the shoes. Properties of this variant of Under Armour is rubber traction, shaft measure to adjust arch, leather overlay, and supportive foam.


  • It offers simple and elegant design.
  • It has comfortable sock liner and rubber traction.


  • Less advanced technology.
  • The shoes are not for heavy sport or activities.

15. New Balance Women’s 1080 v8

The combo of softness and comfort in the 1080 V8 is a union built to last. This shoe feels well cushioned, but not too pillowy. If you loved the previous version (1080 V7), you can expect the same feel underfoot. The upper, on the other hand, is updated with a softer material that hugs your foot better.

New Balance 1080 v8 is one best cushioned running shoes for women. Yeah you need this shoes if you want to feel comfort when running.

16. Womens Running Shoes Anthracite

Running is one of popular activities because it is simple and everyone can do it without much gear. You just wear proper shoes then start running around track. This activity is also popular for women for many reasons. Today, finding running sneakers for women is easier than several decades ago. One of top brands is Nike Air Max. As you know, this product is versatile shoe for running and training mode. You can wear the shoes for casual event or just daily basis exercise.

The specs are synthetic mesh, lace-up style, rubber sole, adaptive flywire cable, insole cushioning, and removable sole. Nike develops technology called flywire cable to enhance the flexibility of shoes. That is what you get when wearing Air Max. The shoes are also comfortable with rubber sole and insole cushioning. Moreover, the price is also quite affordable without losing the quality.


  • It provides flywire cable and removable insole.
  • It brings the attractive design.
  • The shoes can also be sneaker for casual wearing.


  • It is less breathable for long period.

Fifteen shoes above are enough as your reference. You can pick shoes from any brand and manufacturer. Nike and Adidas are the top brands on sport industry, but Under Armour and Asics have their own name. Another brand like Brooks and New Balance have different designs and qualities. You can choose one of them to be with you. I hope you can find the best running shoes for women for your own.

As mentioned at previous section, consider functionality and design to fit your personal preference. Each shoe has their characteristics and you have your own personal taste. The shoes should be comfortable to wear without severe damage on foot when doing excess movement or harsh activity. Moreover, the shoes for simple track are different from difficult terrain, so choose them carefully and properly. Therefore, all of them are part of the top running shoes women to put into utmost consideration.