Choosing the Right Yoga Mat for Beginner

It is not easy for the yoga beginner to choose the right yoga mat since there are wide selections of brands, qualities and prices that have to consider carefully. If you are the beginner in Yoga, maybe you will find all of mats are similar at a glance. Then, it will influence you to choose the cheapest one. But, it will be risky if you choose the mat just by the cheap price since it might be disappointing. Most of cheap mats are not durable. It will be slippery and curvy, making it to be uncomfortable. Furthermore, some mats are too soft so they cannot be used for supporting inversion poses. Therefore, the best suggestion for you is not to choose a mat only by prices, but you have to consider some aspects.

The Basic Aspects to Choose Yoga Mat

First, choose the main materials that are compatible with you. There are three materials of the mats that are produced by manufacturers. One of them is TPE (Physical mix of polymers, usually a rubber and plastic), Rubber (100 percent), and polyvinyl. If you consider using this mat for a long term usage, you’d better not to choose a TPE since this material is too fluffy, soft and get weathered easily. If you experience some allergies, it would be better to use a mat that is made of 100 percent rubber and don’t contain PVC or toxic plasticizer. But if you don’t, it is okay to choose PVC mats. The mats made of PVC have a variety of qualities. Therefore, be selective and careful in choosing.

Second, choose the yoga mat by the texture whether it is closed cell or unclosed cell. A good mat is usually a closed cell on the surface of the mat where the sweat can’t enter the pores of the mat. Therefore, the inside of the mat which is usually foam will stay clean, dry and not smelly. Thus, you will be easier to clean the mat. Just wipe it with clean wet cloth and then keep it immediately after it gets dry. Open cell mat has larger opened pores, so it will not be so slippery than the closed cell. But, with a proper usage, the performance of this mat is better than the closed cell. However, some good branded mats are designed with double features. One side is an open cell while another side is a closed cell.

Third, choose the proper thickness based on your exercise goal. There are a variety of thicknesses of mat for yoga. Therefore, you have to be more selective, especially if you are a beginner. To avoid the mistake in choosing the right mat for yoga, you need to make sure about the type of yoga you are going to do. For example, if you are going to go a hot yoga, don’t purchase a rubber mat. It will be better to buy PVC mat. In addition, the point of choosing the right yoga mat is that it shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Another thing you need to note is don’t ever be tempted to the cheap mat.